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Coming in September: Mama Girl!

Photograph by Mark Atkinson.

澳门永利注册登录入口的男爵和埃林·戈登艺术画廊将举办一场艺术展览,庆祝玛丽的生活和工作。”Mama Girl" Onley (1953 - 2018) in the fall of 2024. The exhibition will be free and open to the public. Please add to our efforts by sharing your Mama Girl remembrances and thoughts at before May 15, 2024, and please invite others to do so as well! If you prefer, you may mail your remembrances to: Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries, 4509 Monarch Way, Norfolk, VA 23508.

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Photograph by Mark Atkinson.

Now On View

Jake McCord Gallery

Paintings from the Porch: Works by Jake McCord
On view Jan. 12 - May 4, 2024
Opening Reception: Jan. 11 at 6 p.m.

Jake McCord (1945 - 2009) of Thomson, Georgia grew up planting and picking crops on his family's farm. He later cut grass and drove a truck for that city, which recognized him as an exceptionally hard worker. 在20世纪80年代中期,麦考德开始绘画,并从他的生活和家中同时运行的几台电视机中获得灵感. 他在自家的前廊上摆放了一些画作,让过路人观赏,只有在觉得这些画作被陈列了足够长的时间后才允许出售. McCord described his depictions of people, animals, and scenes as jolly, 是什么帮助他陪伴,他希望能帮助那些看到他作品的人. 这次展览展出了许多门廊上那些令人愉快的画.

Living with Art: My Journey to Collect
Tuesday, March 12 at 12:30 p.m. EST

Stream the event here

2024 Juried Student Exhibition

2024 Juried Student Exhibition
Opening Reception: February 29, 6 - 8 p.m.
On view: Mar. 1, 2024 - Apr. 6, 2024

展示来自ODU艺术系工作室艺术项目积极工作的学生的作品, 并由一名在视觉艺术领域活跃的专业人士选出.

Recently On View

Feb. 3 - May 6, 2023

Sam Bartlett: Low Stakes, Plywood Cutouts & Everyday Comix

Opening Reception: Feb. 2, 6 - 8 p.m.

Sam Bartlett is an American folk artist, public-art instigator, cartoonist, performer, musician, and composer. 

作为一名艺术家,Sam擅长用回收的木材绘画和雕刻. 他从使用免费材料的自然低风险中获得灵感. 

Sam does virtually no planning or sketching for his artwork, preferring to try to harness the energy of a first take. 他作品的共同主题包括人与人之间复杂的身体关系, things on top of other things, things being bitten and eaten, old-time and Irish music communities, and mortality. 他深受艺术家彼得·舒曼、霍华德·芬斯特和古斯塔夫·维格兰的影响.

Concrete Ocean

Concrete Ocean: Works by Leigh Merrill
On view Jan.12 through Feb 17, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, Jan. 11 at 6 p.m.

“Culling through thousands of individual photographs and videos I make of architecture and landscaping; I digitally assemble these sources to create my work. Some images have veracity, but more often, 他们提出了一种视觉夸张——围绕一个小物体或细节进行点缀的场景. 我一直着迷于摄影作为存在证据的能力——创造看似真实的图像——同时, a system to mediate and construct reality. 我用摄影来观察,然后将我的照片以数字方式组合起来,构建不存在的空间, allowing the creation of images that, through metaphor and illusion, 揭示我们周围和摄影本身的欲望和拟像.”

Gordon the Robot



戈登可以在空间中移动,提高或降低高度,并放大艺术品. 远程司机可以与画廊的工作人员进行实时互动,也可以邀请朋友, colleagues, and students to join their visit.

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Past Exhibitions


穆罕默德·安西,2016,《澳门永利赌城注册登录入口》,纸上丙烯. 8.5 x 11 inches

Jan. 21 - May 7, 2022

Art from Guantánamo Bay

RESCHEDULED Opening Reception Jan. 27, 6 - 8 p.m.

被称为Guantánamo Bay的美国军事战俘营的囚犯从他们到达的那一刻起就开始创作艺术. The Art from Guantánamo Bay exhibition features 101 of these evocative works, made by men held without trial, some for more than 15 years. 这六位艺术家包括现任(Moath Al Alwi和Ahmed Rabbani)和前任(Muhammad Ansi), Abdualmalik (Alrahabi) Abud, Sabri Al Qurashi, Mansoor Adayfi) detainees, none of whom have been charged with committing a crime.

展览中的大部分作品都是由被拘留者的律师在经历了艰难的搜索过程后,从Guantánamo上获得的, scanning, and analysis for hidden messages by Guantánamo officials. 印有“美国军队批准”字样的邮票表示这项工作已经通过, 而且邮票上的墨水经常会渗到背面的图像上, creating a ghostly mix of art and authority.

Art from Guantánamo Bay 包括素描、油画和雕塑,这些都是用少数允许被拘留者使用的材料制作的, including model ships made from shirt scraps, prayer caps, razors, and mops. 正如前囚犯曼苏尔·阿达菲(Mansoor Adayfi)在他的《澳门永利赌城注册登录入口》(New York Times)文章《澳门永利注册登录入口》中所解释的那样," the sea "means freedom that no one can control or own, freedom for everyone." Although detainees were held close to the sea, tarps blocked their view until they were removed for four days in 2014 in anticipation of a hurricane; after that, Adayfi recalls, "all of those who could draw made drawings about the sea."

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DesignHer: Works by Contemporary Women Graphic Designers

Aug. 30 - Nov. 12, 2022

DesignHer: Works by Contemporary Women Graphic Designers

Closing Reception Nov. 10, 6 - 8 p.m.

DesignHer是一个关注女性从业者的当代平面设计展览. 强调女性如何站在定义和挑战设计概念的最前沿, 这次展览展示了设计在我们文化中的各种用途,以及促使其使用的动机. 参加者从建立声誉的年轻艺术家到该学科的国际知名领导者, 作品范围从个人制作的物品到大众媒体宣传活动.

Recent Program

Gain insight from juror Carl Floyd Medley III 和2021年受伤学生展览的学生们一起深入了解这场展览! Congratulations to students Lyn Dowling ('21), Andre Jacobs ('21), 还有Korrine Maher(21届),她的作品被ODU校长和第一夫人从受伤学生展览中挑选出来,在2021-2022学年在雅各布森总统官邸展出!

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巴伦和埃林戈登艺术画廊展出的作品由国内和国际公认的自学成才的艺术家, contemporary artists working in all media, and local and regional artists connected with Old Dominion University.